Electronic presentation

What is it?

Electronic presentations are informatics products based on images; they are created on a computer and are showed to others by using a projector. They are developed through a software that allows to create sheets or slides in an easy, showy and professional way; you can include text, pictures, images, graphics, charts and multimedia elements such as audio, video or animations. Their objective is to make visual presentations to a numerous audience. Other supportive resources can be used as part of the presentation.

Recommendations to develop a good presentation

1. Use attractive and high quality images.
2. Select a good design (colors, font, etc.).
3. Set the available time.
4. Make it more visual, use less text.
5. You can include a video to make it more dynamic.

How to desing it?

  • Make a summary of the subject identifying topics, subtopics and keywords.
  • Choose a template for the electronic presentation, it should be easy to see.
  • Identify the contents and the audiovisual resources to be included in the presentation.
  • All the audiovisual resources (texts, static and dynamic images, audios, charts, maps, etc.) must be stored in a single folder.
  • Organize the information in a coherent way, the text should be short and clear and supported by pictures or images to help the understanding of the topic presented.
  • Use balanced audiovisual elements, avoid overusing them; that might turn them into distractors.
  • Every slide should not include more than six lines of texts, with no more than 6 words per line (6x6 rule).
  • Do not overload the slides with text, in case you need to include a quotation, it should be in APA and there should not be more than two quotes per slide.
  • Highlight the most important aspects by using letters with different font, size and color. It is recommended to use the rule of a dark background and light letters or vice versa (contrast rule).
  • Pictures should be clear and simple, avoiding ambiguity.
  • It is recommended to propose a thematic index and insert links that lead to slides from the same presentation and/or other files such as digital documents that are used to support the presentation.