Mind map

What is it?

Mind maps permit us to introduce ourselves into the brain functions to discover and take advantage of their enormous potential. This is done through the identification of essential ideas to organize them and create interiorized knowledge structures expressed in a graphic representation whose, with the power of drawings, shapes, colors, etc., boosts memory due to the multisensory perceptions used.

Recommendations to develop a mind map

  • Always write the title of your mind map in the center of your sketch and from there, break down all the ideas related to the topic using branches.
  • Use phrases and keywords as least as possible, it is better if you support your graphic with visual elements such as symbols, colors, pictures, etc.
  • If you want to rank your ideas, represent them clockwise around your mind map.
  • Despite creativity plays an important role, be careful of keeping visual harmony in your mind map, avoiding to stack ideas because the understanding and learning of the topic depend on the impact and organization of the map.
  • Set the relationship among ideas clearly. For example: you can determine that many ideas belong to the same subtopic by giving them a specific branch color. This will help the reader to stay focused; remember that the ideal is that any person can understand the topic easily, even if it is not familiarized with the topic.