What is it?

An infographic is a tool for visual communication that represents, summarizes and explains perfectly a specific topic. Infographics combine pictures that are simple, explanatory and easy to understand; generally, they also have a short text to explain the content in a visual and dynamic way.


  • Title: it must be brief and straight to the point, to cause impact on the reader. It should describe the content of the infographic and with no more than 90 characters.
  • Body and content: It has the visual information that can be presented through graphics, maps, statistical charts, diagrams, pictures, tables, etc. It is not recommended to overuse text. It is also important to choose a good font.
  • Footing: Here is where we add this information:
    • Sources where we found the data to develop the infographic.
    • The company logo and the name of the author.
    • Contact information.

How to do it?

  • Choose the topic for the infographic.
  • Keep in mid the target audience.
  • Choose the structure of the infographic to make the search and organization of the information simpler as well as the process of creation.
  • Select the most relevant information.
  • Select the colors for nice contrast.